Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Home

I finally decided to give my blog a better chance at prospering. So I have gotten myself my own domain! Find me over at I hope to see you soon!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


It has been so busy this past week.  I think we've left the house nearly every day. Which can be quite the feat with two small children.   hosted a Lipsense party Thursday which took up a lot of brain power to plan, clean, and shop for.  I also signed up for it and its been amazing so far!  I'm dreaming big and hoping to make big things happen.  The boys have also been wired this past week, and getting into all kinds of mischievous trouble this week.

Busted cord, how he broke it I don't know. We did find one of the other pieces at least. 

Ashy mess, Blue was covered!

 Between getting into the fireplace while mommy was cleaning, jamming DVDs into the TVs DVD player while diner was being made, and other toddler nonsense has made for a trying week.  Bean is doing really well talking now.  He has turned into an adorable parrot!  And he loves saying hi to everyone and anyone who might say hi back.  Blue is just been super adorable lately and growing entirely to fast.  Blue and I got to meet up with a friend and run some errands, it was very nice just getting to buzz around with him.  I always enjoy when I get to spend one on one time with the boys.  It doesn't happen much as I like for it to happen but is always very enjoyable.

Fall seems to have gone by in hyperdrive, the leaves have all fallen and it feels like it will snow any day now.  I'm glad its time for cute boots and sweater weather, it is all so very cosy.  But I must admit that I am dreading the longer and longer nights, and lack of light.  

The infinity scarf is finished!  Its post will be updated with pictures this upcoming week.  I have I also figured out the Juliette Shawl!  I had to count the stitches and reread the pattern a couple times before what was supposed to be done clicked.  It still has a few more rows till its done, I'm hoping to have it done by Monday to be able to wear it for my Birthday!  I'm going to be 24!   It is exciting to see what this next year will hold for us. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Blues Birthday Party

It feels like we've been so busy this past month gearing up for Blues first birthday party.  Of course I neglected to take any photos of decorations till after the party.
The theme was Little Blue Truck and we decorated with a first birthday car themed pack for some hanging spirals and cars. We got Blue a barn and animals and set that out as decoration. I also found out the font used in the Little Blue Truck books (P.E. Barnum) as used that to make some labels for items. 

Smash cake, Cherry Dump cake and some zucchini tots that didn't last till the party.

Here is some of the party prep from they day before. I managed to make both the smash cake, and the Cherry Dump Cake. We also had crockpot mac and cheese, pigs in a blanket, donuts as spare tires, popcorn as chicken feed, and another crescent roles, bacon, and cheese dish that doesn't really have a name, haha. I had attempted to find wagon wheel pasta for the macaroni but was unable to. For the "watering hole" we had a lemon aide punch and apple juice.

Cherry Dump Cake before icing.

 I also finally got around to using the zucchini we were given. I had never cooked zucchini before so it took me awhile to find something I wanted to us it for. These were so Good!!! Bean wasn't a fan, but my really liked them and he doesn't care for zucchini. I found the recipe on pinterest, and will definitely be making them again. Here is a link to the recipe, 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Winding, Winding, Winding

 I recently purchased a yarn winder to help organize my yarn stash, and wind skeins that had came in hanks. After reading different reviews for various winders I settled on a Stanwood Needlecraft winder, which I bought off amazon.

Hanks of yarn.

All done winding! It is a little time consuming to wind but having the yarn in neat little cakes helps a great deal while crocheting, and saves the skein from rolling around or getting making a tangled mess if the skein isn't meant for a inner pull. The cakes also stack much neater.

The difference between the skein and cake of yarn. Saves so much space! And is rather relaxing if I say so myself.

Friday, July 29, 2016

An intro

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I thought I'd tell you a little about myself. I am a mommy of two sweet boys who I'll call Bean and Blue here. I'm a avid crocheter, and yarnaholic. I taught myself to crochet at 15 with an old crochet book of my Grandmas. I'm a fair seamstress, wanta be quilter, and knitter. I enjoy baking, cooking and all kinds of crafts. I hope you bring you my projects and attempts, with the hope of inspiring and encourage you on your path.

With love, Jamie.