Monday, September 5, 2016

Blues Birthday Party

It feels like we've been so busy this past month gearing up for Blues first birthday party.  Of course I neglected to take any photos of decorations till after the party.
The theme was Little Blue Truck and we decorated with a first birthday car themed pack for some hanging spirals and cars. We got Blue a barn and animals and set that out as decoration. I also found out the font used in the Little Blue Truck books (P.E. Barnum) as used that to make some labels for items. 

Smash cake, Cherry Dump cake and some zucchini tots that didn't last till the party.

Here is some of the party prep from they day before. I managed to make both the smash cake, and the Cherry Dump Cake. We also had crockpot mac and cheese, pigs in a blanket, donuts as spare tires, popcorn as chicken feed, and another crescent roles, bacon, and cheese dish that doesn't really have a name, haha. I had attempted to find wagon wheel pasta for the macaroni but was unable to. For the "watering hole" we had a lemon aide punch and apple juice.

Cherry Dump Cake before icing.

 I also finally got around to using the zucchini we were given. I had never cooked zucchini before so it took me awhile to find something I wanted to us it for. These were so Good!!! Bean wasn't a fan, but my really liked them and he doesn't care for zucchini. I found the recipe on pinterest, and will definitely be making them again. Here is a link to the recipe, 

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